BuckyReviews: Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame has now claimed the crown for the biggest box office opening of all time. It’s also making headway on many other box office records.

It’s the culmination of 21 movies over an 11 year span. With the massive cliffhanger ending from Avengers: Infinity War, we all knew going into Endgame that it was going to be an epic conclusion.

This is my first ever review for a movie. I’m going to talk about many different aspects of Endgame and how I think it scores on a scale of 1-10 (1 being absolutely unwatchable and 10 being a perfect film in all phases).

With that being said..


I saw Endgame twice. The first time I saw it was a 9:00 showing on opening night in a very crowded theater. Not to go into too many details, but I had a buddy who has a disability and we had a group of like 10 friends go with us. His disability required him to sit in the reserve seating, which was almost completely filled up (he was the only one in the theater with a clear disability). There were enough seats for him and myself, but not for my other friends. No one was willing to trade seats with us (because one guy valued his leg room a little too much), so I was a little upset.

The only reason why I’m staying this is because it totally had an effect on my movie experience. Until I saw the film a second time, I felt that the experience I had made me think a bit differently of the film.

If you read my rankings of The Infinity Saga (which you can check out right here! https://buckytalks.com/2019/05/16/buckyranks-the-22-movies-in-the-mcu/ ) you’ll notice I have Infinity War ahead of Endgame. After my first viewing, I truly believed Infinity War was better than Endgame. After seeing it a second time and researching into all the time travel mechanics and had a good idea of how things worked, I think the gap between the two is a little closer. Although I do believe Infinity War is still my favorite.

The plot of Endgame is definitely not as straightforward as Infinity War. Personally, it’s a lot of information to process in only one sitting. I highly recommend if you’re a big Marvel fan, that you see Endgame more than once. Although I like that it’s an original take on time travel, it takes a lot of working out to fully grasp the concept. I also feel that Endgame falls behind Infinity War because of its predictability. We all knew the characters were coming back. Whereas in Infinity War, no one saw Thanos actually winning and wiping out half of the universe.

The characters in Endgame go through a lot of changes, and rightfully so. There’s a five year time jump early on in the movie. All the characters had to find ways to move on with half of their friends and families perishing forever. Characters like Thor, Hulk, and Hawkeye go through a lot of changes. I liked Hawkeye (I guess now Ronin?) becoming a very vengeful and irrational killer after he lost his wife and kids to the snap. It’s a very dark take on this universe, but it shows the depths Marvel takes to develop their character arcs. I also loved Professor Hulk. He truly became the best of both worlds, providing that dorky Mark Ruffalo humor, along with being a crucial piece to bringing back the vanished. Although he wasn’t involved in as much action as we are used to seeing the character Hulk in.

The character with the most controversy in Endgame is by far Thor. Thor becomes a fat, lazy alcoholic that has been spending his time playing video games with Korg in New Asgard. While I liked the humor in the Fortnite scene, I wish they would’ve cleaned up his character a bit towards the end. I get it, after the success of Thor: Ragnarok, Thor becomes a more intriguing character with his quick wit and humor. I also get that in the real world, many people handle PTSD differently. We saw in Iron Man 3 that Tony Stark’s anxiety skyrocketed after the events of The Avengers. Having frequent panic attacks and a feeling of urgency to make sure an attack like the one on New York never happens again. I don’t mind that they have a different take on a character suffering PTSD, but I just feel like with the stakes so high, that Thor would be able to get it together by the time they start the time heist. I do, however, love that he is joining the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Another character who I thought took a step back was Thanos. After being killed off early in the film, a past version of himself is left to prevent the Avengers from obtaining all the infinity stones and bringing everyone back. I felt that this watered down Thanos because that version didn’t go through everything that happened in Infinity War. I just felt like Thanos wasn’t as compelling as he was in Infinity War. He never had to deal with the Avengers before and he never experienced sacrificing Gamora for the Soul Stone. I realize Infinity War was Thanos’ movie and Endgame was more about the heroes, but he was such a well written character in Infinity War that it felt like a step back.

I love the arc of Tony Stark throughout the whole entire MCU. He starts off as an arrogant, selfish man and becomes the one to sacrifice it all in Endgame. He finally gets the life with Pepper he always wanted during the five year time jump. They even have a little girl together. To see Tony figure out time travel and risk losing his newly developed family is a great perspective on just how the Avengers and other survivors moved on after the snap. Robert Downey Jr is outstanding in every movie he plays Iron Man. It’s bittersweet to see him pass away in Endgame, but his arc gives viewers hope for more intriguing storylines to come in the MCU.

Captain America also has a very fitting end. He doesn’t perish like many thought he would, but he goes back in time to live the life with Peggy he gave up when he flew into the ice in Captain America: The First Avenger. The passing down of the shield to Sam is a very touching moment that I think the writers nailed. With the new Disney+ MCU shows coming this fall, I think we will see the majority of Sam and Bucky’s adventures happen on the small screen.

There are so many good callbacks to previous entries in the MCU in Endgame. With time travel playing a huge part in the movie, it gives us a chance to see events in previous movies in a different light. We see what the Avengers do immediately after the attack on New York in The Avengers and we see Thor have a great moment with his mom before she dies in the events in Thor: The Dark World. It was nice to see different settings from previous movies play a big part in the overall conclusion of The Infinity Saga.

The music in this movie is outstanding. When the heroes travel back in time, the score from the previous movies they visit is played. Giving us cues on where about in the MCU timeline we are. The score also does a phenomenal job at building up intense moments and epic moments as our heroes fight to bring everyone back. The song Portals that plays when all the heroes come together to fight Thanos might be the most iconic song in all of the MCU.

The visuals are fantastic in this movie. Of course with the genre being superheroes, you can expect a lot of CGI. I feel like Marvel has always been good with their CGI in terms of not going further than they need to. The final battle at the Avengers HQ is pretty CGI heavy, but I feel it plays out nicely.

The duration of Endgame is lengthy, but I’m not going to complain about more Avengers screen time. It does feel slow at points, but it really puts the time and effort into showing us how the heroes that survive the snap suffer to come to terms with losing half of their friends and family.

While my review may seem somewhat critical of Endgame, it’s only because it had so much riding on it. Infinity War was such a massive success that it was hard to see Endgame overthrow it’s predecessor completely. Since it was the conclusion of the MCU as we know it, it needed to stick the landing. Which I think it does fairly well.

Endgame is by far one of the best movies in the MCU, but I believe it falls just a little short of Infinity War. To put it in perspective, I think Infinity War is worthy of a 9.5/10, while I think Endgame falls somewhere in the 9.0-9.2/10 range. I’ll go with the highest of that range. The scale and scope of Infinity War and Endgame makes them easily the #1 and #2 movies, respectively, at the top of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Bucky’s Avengers: Endgame Score: 9.2/10

Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below!


    • I love them both and it’s so hard to pick between the two, but Infinity War takes the cake for me mainly because it was unpredictable. You didn’t know how things would play out in Endgame, but you had a pretty good idea time travel would be included and that the heroes that were snapped away would come back


      • I also predicted that some characters would be “dusted” in “Infinity War,” but I wasn’t sure which ones. I also figured that Thanos would win. However, I simply didn’t feel the emotional shock because I knew that characters would be brought back in the follow-up. But I recognize why people like “Infinity War,” and I’m almost jealous that they felt something I didn’t from it.


      • Fair enough! Everyone sees things in a different light. I wish you could have felt the way I did watching Infinity War and I wish I felt more the way you did watching Endgame!


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