What is BuckyTalks?

Who is Bucky?

The short answer is: I am “Bucky”. Then again, I am not “Bucky”. Confused? Don’t be. “Bucky” is not my actual name. It’s actually a nickname that only ONE person calls me. I am not even close to said person. So why am I calling myself “Bucky”?

That answer is pretty simple. I am new to blogging and decided to try it out as a new hobby, maybe make it into something more. I figured to play it safe, I’ll give myself a nickname to hide my real identity. At least until I get this thing all figured out.

Why Bucky?

I chose the name “Bucky” for a variety of reasons. First, I think it has a catchy ring to it. I personally have no strong opinion about my real name. It’s meh I guess. Not good, not bad. Second, “Bucky” does kind of resemble a my name. That’s the only hint you’ll get! Third, the one person that called me “Bucky” did it because she thought I looked like Sebastian Stan, aka Bucky Barnes, aka The Winter Soldier. So yeah, I completely dig it. Although I do consider myself more of a Captain America guy myself. Which gets me into what all of this is about…

What is BuckyTalks?

Honestly, I don’t know what BuckyTalks is yet. I hope it turns out to be a place where people can talk about their passions as much as I do. I hope it opens me up to a wide variety of people that share the same interests as me or even introduce me to new interests! The possibilities are endless.

In all honesty though, I don’t know how long this will last. I have absolutely no blogging/writing experience. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Science and am starting Graduate school this fall. I work full-time in the summer and am a full-time student every other time of year. It’s hard to come up with free time.

All I know is, I have a passion for movies, sports, and other forms of entertainment that I can never truly satisfy. I find myself watching countless YouTube videos on movie theories and movie trailer breakdowns on my favorite movies. I also really enjoy watching sports. Can the two be mixed together? Maybe. Maybe not. I’m going to find that out.

I find that writing has always come easy to me. I may not be the best writer, but I’m far from the worst. I needed a new hobby during the little free time I have this summer. So I have decided to start my own blog. Pretty self-explanatory.

I hope people find my posts interesting enough to start discussions with myself and any others that cross paths through BuckyTalks. I’m very new to this and have no problem considering myself an amateur, but with that being said, I can improve!

Here’s to new beginnings,


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